Introduction of Wireless Hacking

In the present day, wireless networking technology is gaining more and more popularity due to its cost effectiveness and convenience .Most of the modern gadgets that we see have WLAN support  with it by default. WLAN or the wireless local area network allows users to access the digital resources from anywhere near the vicinity of it .These advantages has made WLAN more popular, now more and more vendors are coming out with compatible hardware at reasonable prices .These vendors follow a standards such as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.'s or IEEE's 802.11X.These days we all are hooked to one or more wifi devices like phones,laptops, PDA's ,wireless keyboards etc.

The advantages of the wireless media has led to mass adoption of the WLAN technology. That is why WLAN has been integrated with all commonly used devices like laptops, mobile phones, tvs and other embedded devices. These devices provide you with a gateway to connect to the internet.


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