Drawbacks associated with WEP

Since the implementation of WEP it has been largely criticized .There are a large no. of limitations associated with this security standard. RC4 is a stream cipher so key repetition should be avoided for enhancing security. The main purpose of Initialization vector used along with plain text is to avoid key repetition but length of Initialization vector is short so it’s very easy to determine the IV . As a matter of fact, after every 5000 frames there are chances of key repetition for a small initialization vector of 24 bits.

The single shared key concept is the root of the problem. There are no chances of changing the key dynamically among stations. As the key can be changed only manually it is quite impossible for large organizations to handle this key management manually. The administrator handles the task of key management he changes the key manually after a regular interval of time. But this is not in anyway a permanent solution for securing wireless networks. 

WEP is not that bad

WEP is the best security option where minimal security is required. A wireless network with WEP security is much better as compared to a wireless LAN without any security. Wireless LAN without WEP security can be easily accessed by the hackers and data can be detected or altered in between transmission. However, it would take a little bit of expertise by the hacker to crack the WEP key and get into your network.

WEP does not require any extra software or hardware on your part. In other words it is an easy to use cost effective and easy to deploy security solution.


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