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Basically we have to wait until enough data has been collected to run our crack. Watch the number in the "#Data" column—we  want it to go above 10,000.

Depending on the power of our network , this process could take some time. Wait until that #Data goes over 10k, though—because the crack won't work if it doesn't. In fact, we may need more than 10k, though that seems to be a working threshold for many.


Once we have collected enough data, it's time to crack the wep key. Launch a third Konsole window and run the following to crack that data we've collected:

aircrack-ng -b (bssid) (file name-01.cap)

Here the filename should be whatever you entered above for (file name). You can browse to your Home directory to see it; it's the one with .cap as the extension.

If we didn't get enough data to crack the key, aircrack will fail and tell us to try again with

more. If it succeeds, it will look like this:

The WEP key will appear next to "KEY FOUND."  This way we successfully cracked the WEP key.

So, we have finally cracked the WEP key of the protected wifi network.

WPA(Wifi protected access):-

The WPA is a security protocol developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to secure wireless computer networks. The WPA protocol implements much of the IEEE 802.11i standard.

WPA is considered much more secure than the standard WEP. However, in the coming section, we will go ahead and crack the WPA of a protected network.


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