Crack More Secure WPA Networks-Page-2

airodump-ng --encrypt WPA -a mon0

here we dump the wireless networks around us with the airodump-ng command.

-a searches only for networks that have people connected to them, which is what we    want.

--encrypt WPA Shows only WPA networks and mon0 defines what interface to use.

In this example "BTHomeHub2-NM6K" is my home hub that i am trying to obtain the network key for. As you can see there is one client connected to it (DE:03:74:C7:33:8E)

Target acquisition

Once we have a WPA/WPA2 network that has someone connected to it. We need to 'lock on'.

To do this we run:


--bssid <bssid of the access point yg5ou wish to target>

You will also need to filter the list by the channel to do this add

-c <channel>  You also critically need to add

-w <filename> This saves the handshake to your desktop

All of that together looks like this for my example:


airodump-ng --bssid 00:23:4E:55:B3:84 -c 1 -w WPA mon0

And this is what it should look like:

As you can see there are 3 Clients connected. We now need to kick one off!


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