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Cracking WPA-:

After cracking WEP, now lets learn how to crack more secure WPA networks.

First you need to know your devices name and operating modes. This is easily done by opening Konsole and using the following command You should see something like this

Here we can see all of our wireless devices and their chipsets. The first one is my AWUS036H, The second one is our inbuilt wireless card.

We now need to put it into monitor mode; we do this by using the following command. Replace i with your interface you will be using such as wlan0.

airmon-ng start <interface>

As you can see "monitor mode has been enabled on "wlan0". So,  from now on the interface that we should use is mon0"

Now like we did before, to hide our mac address :

ifconfig mon0 down
macchanger -s mon0
macchanger -m 00:11:22:33:44:55 mon0
ifconfig mon0 u

You should see something like this. Your mac address will be different to mine of course.

Viewing available networks

Now we are ready to search for networks to target; type the following command to scan for networks


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