Open Web Application Security Project Broken Web Applications Project (OWASPBWA)

It is a collection of web applications with vulnerable scripts. Made for VMware, this web application suite comes with a large number of common web vulnerabilities to practice against

Damn Vulnerable Linux (DVL):

DVL is a Linux distro, which should have all the security issues, which a good Linux distro shouldn’t have. It consists of broken software and outdated scripts, so that the users could utilize the maximum out of it, and exploit it.

OWASP WebGoat: 

OWASP WebGoat is a J2EE based web application, containing numerous web application security vulnerabilities. The user may complete each of the level based on his knowledge of web application security, plus he could make a custom level for WebGoat too.

Some of the more vulnerable targets include

  • LAMPSecurity
  • WackoPicko
  • Dojo
  • Hacking-Lab
  • Moth
  • Gruyere
  • pWnOS
  • Virtual Hacking Lab
  • Badstore
  • BodgeIt Store
  • Hackademic Challenges
  • OWASP Vicnum Project
  • Stanford Securibench
  • Kioptrix
  • Hackxor
  • BadStore


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