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The Hacker’s Manifesto, is still widely read by hackers all over the world, and a lot of them still get inspired byMentor’s masterpiece.

Apart from the individuals, Conficker worm and Stuxnet (will be analyzing both later in this book) also sought attention in the coming years and caused a lot of damages. An exploit named Aurora(An IE 0-day at the time of release) was widely used by attackers. In one scenario, one of the Google’s server and 20 other companies were compromised using this attack.

Metasploit was created in 2003 by HD Moore as a portable network tool written in Perl scripting language.  The metasploit has till now been the most used platform for exploit development. Also, the exploits released since the past few years, come with a metasploit module, so that they could easily be integrated with Metasploit. We will be discussing The Metasploit Framework and Exploit Writing in detail in the later chapters.

In the past few years, several hacktivists group has also come into picture, the most prominent being the Anonymous and Lulzsec.

Anonymous, initially formed by few members of the image sharing website 4chan, also undertook protest against many causes including SOPA and censorship. The group also carried out DDoS attacks against Department of Justice,  FBI, Universal Music Group, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and Broadcast Music, Inc.

In 2011 itself, the Sony website was hacked numerous times causing over millions of damage to the organization. The Lulzsec hackers crew took the credits of most of the attacks on Sony, and also stated that they used the technique of SQL Injection to hack into the websites.

In Sept 2011, a Bangladeshi Hacker with the handle TiGER-M@TE made news by hacking 7,00,000 websites in one shot. He also made news earlier by defacing Google Bangladesh webpage.

A lot more hacking incidents occur on an everyday basis. In late 2011,  Saudi hacker, 0xOmar, published over 400,000 credit cards online, and threatened Israel to release 1 million credit cards in the future.

In Jan 2012, a Web hosting company DreamHost was hacked and hackers stole the FTP passwords of the company.

On 9th Feb, 2012 Foxconn, an equipment maker company for Apple was hacked, and the username and password of the company employees.

In the same month, Hackers broke into the Syrian Ministry of Presidential Affairs and leaked e- mails, including one revealing Assad's prep for Barbara Walters interview in which he denied reports of civilian massacres. Also, few hackers stole source code from Symantec in 2006 and released it this week on the Web after trying to extort $50,000 from Symantec. In June 2012, the biggest leak of LinkedIn users credentials was done, by unknown hackers.


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