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Hacking is a term which has widely been misunderstood by the media and the common masses. The fact that hacking originally was to tweak up things, and make them work, according to our wish, has now been replaced with the notorious activities done by the cyber criminals, gaining up media attention .

Hacking (Hackers) first started from a group of MIT students, with playing around with the MIT’s mainframe computers. A hacker was a term initially used for the ones who is pretty good with his/her programming skills and could write and modify programs to perform the operations he intended to.

That was the time of 1960’s. Where the MIT guys hacked their train sets in order to modify how they worked. The 70’s brought with them another new breed of hackers, known as the Phone “Phreakers”. The Phreakers manipulated the phone systems, eventually taking control of them up to a certain level. Captain Crunch (John T Draper) , son of an Air Force Engineer was one of the best phone Phreakers known till date. He discovered and exploited the telephone switching networks, and enabled them to make long distance calls, all free of cost .

Captain Crunch found out that a toy whistle given in the Cap’n Crunch cereal, generates a 2600-hertz signal, the same high pitched tone that allows long distance free calls in AT&T’s telephone switching networks. Inspired Draper, build “Blue Boxes”, electronic devices capable of reproducing other tones used by the phone company. Crunch shared the news with his old time Pal, Steve Wozniak (cofounder of Apple Inc. ). Wozniak later used the blue box with his pal and future Apple head honcho Steve Jobs to make untraceable prank phone calls, including one to the Pope.

He was one of the first hackers to gain a lot of popularity among the security community. Also, a hacker quarterly 2600 (started by Eric Corley) was named after him. He was finally arrested in 1972 on the charges of Phone Tampering. That was the era of the early hacking and the notoriety that came along with it.

A lot of small hacking activities and arrest of hackers took place in the later years. However in 1988, a person named Robert T. Morris, student of Cornell University, launched a self replicating worm (a destructive program that replicates on the system at a rapid speed, thus eating up the computer’s memory)to test its affect on the UNIX systems. That marked new


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