Google Hacking Introduction

Google Hacking: Using Google for Fun and Profit

Anyone who has ever been online must have heard of the search engine “Google”. In case you didn’t knew, it is also the one of the most visited website since the last few years. Apart from its normal usage to layman, it also serves as an important tool for hackers to find out secret information and vulnerabilities, in products, through which they can get in. It can be used to get Credit Card Information, Server Versions, Login Panels, Usernames and passwords, sensitive files and much other useful stuff.  It could also be used to find web applications exposed to a particular vulnerability.

Also, let me tell you that Google Hacking has nothing to do with hacking “Google” website or its database servers. It is all just about using Google in a way, so as to reveal the hidden information.

Google Dorks, or the specialized search queries, is used to get important and sensitive information using Google. It is done using the help of Google’s Advanced Search operators.

Before going into the details of hacking using Google, let’s have a look at the Google Search Operators.


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