Footholds are the queries which will give some extra information about the server. It could also take us to the non-

public places in the website.

Some of the Google dorks are:

allintext:"fs-admin.php"    :  shows the world readable directories of a plug-in that enables Wordpress to be used

as a forum. Many of the results of the search also show error logs which give an attacker the server side paths

including the home directory name. This name is often also used for the login to ftp and shell access, which exposes

the system to attack. There is also an undisclosed flaw in version 1.3 of the software, as the author has mentioned in

version 1.4 as a security fix, but does not tell us what it is that was patched. Author : DigiP

intitle:"Web Data Administrator - Login"   :  The Web Data Administrator is a utility program implemented in

ASP.NET that enables you to easily manage your SQL Server data wherever you are. Using its built-in features, you

can do the following from Internet Explorer or your favorite Web browser. Create and edit databases in Microsoft SQL

Server 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) Perform ad-hoc queries against databases and

save them to your file system Export and import database schema and data.


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