Files containing usernames passwords

You could make up your own Google dork, depending upon the situation.

Following are few examples :

ext:sql password username

ext:xls password

inurl:wp-config ext:txt

filetype:php~ (pass|passwd|password|dbpass|db_pass|pwd)   Author: Bastich With the in-depth knowledge of websites

and CMSes, you will be able to understand the inner working, and will also come to know where the websites store the

private information. That will ultimately help you make your own Google dork. Also, FTP clients store there password

in an .ini file, which in some cases are not fully protected. So, with a good Google dork, we could look for those

entries and the FTP passwords.

ext:ini WS_FTP PWD

To use the ini files, you could use them in your FTP client, cause in most of the cases, they are not readable, when

viewed simply. Or you could try decoding the ini files online, and then use those values while connecting to the FTP

In some cases, software stores its registration entries in the Windows Registry values; you could try finding them

using Google.

ext:reg intext:”internet download accel”

You may land over this type of useful info:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00







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