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Backtrack is a linux distribution developed specifically for Penetration Testing. Backtrack is a combination of three different Linux Penetration distributions IWHAX, Whoppix and Auditor.

The latest version of Backtrack is Backtrack 5 R2, also codenamed as “Revolution and its Revision” .

Backtrack is a penetration testing distro containing a large number of tools which may be required during a penetration test ranging from port scanners to backdoors to password crackers. In order to make security tools work, they may need a lot of dependencies and customization. Doing that for each and every tool, may prove to be tiredsome and time consuming. So, researchers come out with a distro, that has has been installed and configured with every tool, so that the user may only focus on the usage on the tool, thus saving him from going through the entire installation process.

Backtrack also provides the functionality of Live DVD and  Live USB functionality which allows the user to boot Backtrack directly from the disk or the USB, though installing Backtrack to hard disk is also provided to an user, in order he opts for dual boot (alongside his main OS). The tools included could be classified in following categories,

Information Gathering : This category contains of the tools require for the initial step of Penetration Testing, that is to get more and more information about the target. We can analyse both the network, DNS, emails etc. and also the web applications.

Vulnerability Assessment : This section contains tools that lets you identify vulnerability in the target systems. Tools such as cisco-auditing, spike, voiper and nessus are included in this category.

Exploitation Tools : This category consists of tools, which will let you exploit the vulnerabilities present in the taget machine, and get access to it. Examples of tools are Metasploit, BEEF, sqlmap, w3af etc.

Privilege Escalation : This contains the tools required to escalate your priviliges after getting access to the target machine.


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