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In a broad level, there are two methods to perform Software testing i.e. Black Box and White box method.

Black Box Testing Method

  • Testing of external behavior of an application is known as Black Box testing.

  • As the tester tests “How the system behaves” it is also called as Behavioral Testing.

  • Basic purpose of black box testing is to validate the functional requirements specified in FRS (Functional Requirement Specification document). Thus it is also called as ‘Requirements Based’ or ‘Specification Based’ testing.

  • The Black box shown in the figure can be any application, say it a website like amazon.com or a desktop application like Paint.net. A tester just has to focus on input and output to test these applications without bothering there code.

  • This type of testing can be done manually or can be automated.

  • It is done once the application reaches to system level of testing.

  • It can be manually done by any layman as it doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

Steps to perform Black box testing

  • Firstly the tester goes through FRS (Functional Requirement Specification document).

  • The tester then chooses valid as well as some invalid inputs to verify that the application processes the valid ones and detects the invalid ones.

  • He then determines expected outputs for all the inputs.

  • Test cases are written with the selected inputs.

  • Test cases are executed.

  • Actual outputs are matched with the expected outputs.

  • Defects are logged in the defect tracking system.

  • Fixed defects are retested.

    Types of Black Box testing

      Black Box Testing is mostly Functional Testing but it also includes some non functional testing types.

    • Functional Testing

    • Testing the application as per the functional requirement document is functional testing. Testing the application after bug fixes is Regression testing. It helps in finding bugs in the existing application due to changes done in the code for bug fixes.

    • Non-Functional testing

    • There may be certain requirements mentioned in the specification document, non functional in nature. That includes usability testing, performance testing, scalability etc.

    Elements to Verify In Black Box testing

    Black box Testing Tools


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