Test Management

WHAT is Test Management?

Test management is a process of smoothly managing testing activities in order to achieve a project goal.

WHY is test management done?

Test management is done so that a testing process is effectively planned, organized, test estimated, monitored and controlled

Phases of Test Management

test management phases


Fig: Test Management Phases

Test Management Planning Phase

Risk analysis:

It is a method to determine how much risk is involved in testing the product.

It involves analyzing anything that may impact projects schedule, budget, effort, infrastructure changes etc.

Here the focus is on how the testing process will go on and not the Application under test.

A risk is prioritized based on its chance of occurrence and amount of loss it could cause.

It is a 3 step process i.e. Risk identification, Analyzing risk impact, counter measures to fix them.

risk analysis

Fig: Risk Analysis in Test Management

Test Estimation:

Determining the time taken to completely test the application under test(AUT) is known as test estimation.

Test Planning:

Preparing a document that contains information like scope, approach, resources, test deliverables, exit criteria etc termed as test planning.

Test Organization:

Executing test plan effectively is known as test organization.

Test Management Execution Phase

Test monitoring and control:

Test Monitoring is a process of defining project performance standards, comparing the actual and planned performances and finally recording and reporting the problems.

Test Controlling is an activity of guiding the testing team to bring actual performance to planned performance.

Issues Management:

It is the process of identifying and resolving the issues.

Unlike risk, issue can arise without any warning.

When the risks actually take place they become issues.

Test Report and Evaluation:

Describing test results in terms of test coverage and exit criteria based on test data summary is known as test report or test evaluation.


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