Introduction to Software Testing

The importance of Information technology in this era is undisputed. Computers, laptops, World Wide Web have become an integral part of our life and so is the software that runs these gadgets, with which we interact on a daily basis.

A software defect, also known as a bug, not only can hamper the functionality of a system (device or application) but also can trigger unexpected errors with unintended results. Therefore, testing process plays a critical role in the Software Development Life Cycle of any application in delivering a high quality product or service to the end user.

It is a myth that testing is mundane and no brainer as it requires considerable experience and knowledge to understand the different scenarios and boundary conditions where there is a possibility for a system breakdown or application crashes. It requires skill, creativity and tact to cover all the possible critical scenarios through effective test cases to be executed.

This content is a comprehensive coverage of testing processes, levels, types, methods, testing documentation, topics related to bug. Testing notes have been written in precise notes format with pictorial explanation for better grasp of concepts without being verbose and the dullness that accompanies long texts. These notes are written in a form that is suitable to both a beginner in the field of testing as well as professionals in advanced stage of their testing career. The utility of these software testing notes is further enhanced by the template section and real time bug examples.


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