Software Development Life Cycle–SDLC

Software goes through various phases’ right from planning followed by requirements gathering, designing, coding, testing, and release and finally maintenance of software till it retires. This entire cycle is known as Software Development Life Cycle.

Phases in SDLC

Fig: Phases in Software Development Life Cycle

Planning phase in SDLC

  • Planning is the foremost phase of Software development life cycle where client explains his requirements in the form of Business requirement specification (BRS).
  • Accordingly time, budget and resources for the particular project are planned.

Requirements Gathering Phase in SDLC

    • In this phase requirements of a client are gathered in the form of Business Requirement Specification (BRS) by discussing with client on functional, non functional and performance requirements of the software to be developed.
    • A SRS (Software Requirement Specification) is final output of this phase.

    Fig: Process followed in Software Requirement phase of SDLC.

    Software Design phase in SDLC

      • In this phase overall architecture, algorithms and data structures, hardware, software are designed.
      • Designing is further divided into High level design (HLD) and low Level design (LLD).
      • The output of designing is Software design document (SDD) which has the details of various modules, logic and algorithms.
      • SDD serves as reference document for coding.

      Fig: Process followed in Design phase of SDLC                                                            

      High Level Design-HLD

      • HLD helps in designing overall architecture of a system i.e. external design of a system.

      Low Level Design-LLD

      • LLD helps in designing each and every module and functionality in the system.

      Implementation phase in SDLC

      • With the help of design documents developers produce code in this phase.
      • Implementation phase is the longest phase of SDLC.

      Fig: Process followed in Design phase of SDLC                                                            

      Software Testing phase in SDLC

      • Once coding is done, it is tested exhaustively with reference to Software requirement specification (SRS) to ensure bug free software.

      Release phase in SDLC

      • Once the software is tested exhaustively it is delivered to client along with the supportive documents.

      Maintenance phase in SDLC

      • This is the last phase of SDLC which begins after release of the software.
      • Modifications (Client request) are done and defects raised by client are fixed by developers with the effort to make the developed software more stable.
      • Based on enhancement and changes; software specification document, design and code is changed.


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