Software Testing Bug-Introduction

    • A mismatch between the expected behavior and the actual behavior of any component, module or sub module in an application, is called as ‘bug’.

    • A defect occurs when a testing activity performed in a testing environment doesn’t meet the scope, equirements and the design document of the application.

    • A bug is also called as Defect or an Issue or a problem.

    • Defect Density: Average number of bugs detected in a module or sub module.

    • Defect age: Time gap between bug reporting and bug closure.

    • Defect Resolution type:

    • Bug report: Description of a bug in documented form.

    • Bug Severity is a measure of impact i.e. how bad the bug may affect the application whereas Bug Priority is a measure of time i.e. when to fix.

    • Severity is set by Tester whereas Priority is set by Developer.



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