Paged memory management

Till now, all partitioning schemes are contiguous schemes. In paged memory management, the job is not necessarily loaded into adjacent memory locations.

Features of paged memory Management

The memory is divided into a “large” no. of “small” partition all partition are of the same size.

These partition are called page frames or blocks.

A job is divided into pages all pages are of same size.

1 page = 1 block

O.S. decided the page size

* Physical add. divided into block.

* Logical add. . divided into  Page.

Consider a job of 6k. Jobs are compiled relative to zero.

the main memory without applying corrections to addresses.

The correct physical address has to be generated at the time

of execution.

This is done by paging hardware. paging hardware is used

to locate the  blanks of the job.


 Paging H/W helps to locate the blocks of the job



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