Analysis of RC coupled multistage amplifier

Two stage of RC coupled CE - BJT amplifier

Two stage of RC – coupled Common Source (CS) FET amplifier
Z: common terminal.
X : Input of the amplifier
Y : Output of the amplifier

Ry represents  à Rd (FET) or RC (BJT)
Rb represents  à Rg (FET) or R1||R2 (BJT)
Ri represents  à ∞ (FET) or hie (BJT)
à  stray capacitances at input and output loop respectively.
Case 1: -               BJT (h – parameters π model)

Simplifying assumptions

(1)        Making the use of fact that in most cases the time constant of the output ckt. is negligible as

(3)          For typical values of transistor parameters & ckt. components,

Under the simplifying assumptions, we get the following modified equivalent ckt.



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